We use quality woodwork tools in Mt Louisa

Whatever your needs, we can help

If you want the job done right first time, look no further. Wayne Hudson Carpenter is committed to providing quality carpentry services in Mt Louisa. Whether you need some furniture polished up, or an entire roof built, Wayne Hudson Carpenter promises perfect results with every job. Using the finest woodwork tools, our reputation is built on quality. 

Nice carpentry work

Our range

If you need a truly versatile contractor, look no further. We can fix, build and spruce up anything from floors to ceilings. Our specialty is in building or repairing of window and door frames, wardrobes, pantries, cabinets, and doors. So when you need versatile carpentry services using the finest woodwork tools, Wayne Hudson Carpenter in Mt Louisa can help.

Carpenter works with woodwork tools in Mt Louisa

Unique solutions

Our approach to carpentry services in Mt Louisa is that of skilled artists. When you need something special made, call us.  We can custom make a piece specifically for you to your exact requirements. Using traditional methods to craft wood, you get a piece that has been made especially for the job at hand. We take a project right from design through to building the finished product.


Carpenter at work


Our carpenters use specialist woodwork tools to repair old and damaged goods. Our team can get your pieces back to their original condition. Damaged door and window frames can be a security hazard, so don't delay. Call us to get those fittings secure. We can also provide emergency locks if necessary.